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Gian Paolo was born in Trieste (ITA) on 1981, from an unemployed Italian Mexican mother and an Italian-French artists father. He had immediately the opportunity to learn different ways of thinking between a pleasant South American warmth and the French patriotism, where freedom, equality, and fraternity are the symbols of an entire culture everything combined with being Italian, synonymous of high quality of thought, creativity, and lifestyle.

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gpdesanti mother car accident
gpdesanti pursue football career
gpdesanti started professional activity
gpdesanti founds first multi-service company
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gpdesanti introduced to new german company
birth of happydemy
founded goomood lab
zakaria became third column of company
launched first version of happydemy
make people happy to create better world


“Gian Paolo was born in Trieste (ITA) on 1981, from an unemployed Italian Mexican mother and an Italian-French artists father. He had immediately the opportunity to learn different ways of thinking between a pleasant South American warmth and the French patriotism, where freedom, equality, and fraternity are the symbols of an entire culture everything combined with being Italian, synonymous of high quality of thought, creativity, and lifestyle.”


“This year, 1991, will mark the life of Gian Paolo forever. On the 8th of May, at 8pm, when he returned from a football match, at the age of 9, what happened was something that no one could even imagine. A car accident where his mother died at only 31 years old. This will mark Gian Paolo's life forever, leading him to understand how life is a fragile and thin line that can break from one moment to the next.”


“After he lost his mom, the following years were emotionally confusing. Between the loss of Mom and the love received from friends and relatives, the school years were not the best. Flunked out of high school for two consecutive years, Gian Paolo decided to pursue a football career until he joined the national team in 1999.”


“In 2005, when he was only 24 years old, he started his professional activity in a world that, in those years, was just opening its doors, the fixed and mobile phone market. In an environment completely unknown to him, he began to take his first steps in the cold market. Phone calls, appointments and contract closures began to become his daily bread. In these years, he began to form the most important and prestigious contacts of his life, which will later become the people who will firmly believe in him, but just in this period, playing in the professionals, Gian Paolo realized that football was not a passion, but as it happens in many sectors, it had been transformed into a real business, where it was not only important to know how to play well, you have to have high level connections. This led him to look around and thus discover a completely new world.”


“In 2010 comes the big leap. Thanks to the knowledge of one of the founders of Franciacorta and together with a young rising politician, Gian Paolo founds the first multi-service company in Italy. He creates the first all-in-one package for his customers (telephony, energy, banks, insurance and various services), together with a commercial structure that, in 2011, will exceed 200 employees. But even in this case, he did not feel this way, inherent to his purpose in life, and here comes the second big leap in a market completely unknown to him.”


“Also in 2010, together with his brother, writer, composer and artist, they created the music album Dejavù From the Garret, published in 2011. An experience that will mark the life of the two forever. After putting all the necessary resources into production, the two of them clashed for the first time with what until before was an unknown world, that of entertainment. The impact was horrible. After tears, creations and suffering, the classical world of music offered them a 7% profit. And it is here that, after this experience, Gian Paolo writes in seventy pages and in just six days, what will be the world of the future, Goomood®.But at that moment there was no possibility to realize such a great project. So Gian Paolo decides to put the project in a drawer, slightly open.”

2013-Apr 2015

“In May 2013 another great step of Gian Paolo's life happened. Thank to a common friend of his cousin, he was introduced to a new german digital company. This company had the plan to do an IPO within to 2017. Gian Paolo saw the opportunity to realize his project, just becoming one of the top in this company. In just six months he became one of top 10 managers of this company. He was convinced this was the big one. But it wasn't. After 1.5 years of tremendous work, the company didn't release any products, and missed all the promises made to Gian Paolo. In April 2015 he took a tremendous decision. He came public sharing with everyone his decision to leave the company, clearly explaining the reasons. Half of his team trusted him, the other half started a diffamatory campain against him. He didn't care. He lost everything to save the most number of people to fall in a non clear situation. After one year, in 2016, the owners were arrested for a scam previously realised. He took the right decision one year before. Time is friend of the truth. On May 2015, exaclty one month he left the company, he took the biggest decision of his life.”

May 2015

“The time was ready. After 4 years of experience, 2 years of hopes with a company that played with people dreams, and a lot of sacrifice, the birth of Happydemy arrived. May 26th 2015, Gian Paolo, with his brother in soul Andrea "Ecimen" Mallus, decided that his dream could become reality for the world. The creation of Happydemy was starting. A day by day work, without limits, without times and without support. Only one big vison, one amazing idea, and so much love in create it. 535.37€ was the budget they started. Everyone told them "you guys are mad"..."you guys will never do it"..."You guys have no idea on what you are doing"...and bla, and bla, and bla. As it happen for every single big project, at the beginning people laugh about it, but Gian Paolo had only one answer he used to answer to each complain: "If you don't see it, or if you think you are not able to do it, this doesn't mean I'll will not succeed." The first phase was an amazing success, but then something happened.”


“The first phase of Happydemy was incredible. In the first launch week, Andrea and Gian Paolo, together with their old team, realized an incredible results. 6141 new users in the first week. It was an incredible result, but the shareholder of the company founded in Nov 25th 2015, were not understanding the business model created by Gian Paolo, so he found himself alone to pay all the cost in advance (more than 40k per month) without getting any economic support from them. This caused some problem between them, and they decided to dissolve the company and close any relationship. At this point, Gian Paolo, found himself to zero again. He had to invent something, he wanted to invet something without any bank debts or venture capital restrictions. He founded the Goomood Lab.”


“During a live presentation made directly by me, among the audience, there was the one who would become the third fundamental column of the company, Zakaria Abderrafi. From that moment the two became inseparable. Thanks to Zakaria, my idea began its international expansion, beginning to operate in some French-speaking countries, including France. Thus began the great history of our company.”


“The idea becomes reality. After five years of tremendous work, we finally launched the first public version of Happydemy®. It was an incredible emotion. On January 2020 we started to allow our users to join the live platform and from that date, the community is growing on a daily basis. Now starts the next step...the future.”


“My vision, in the next two years, is to consolidate Happydemy® worldwide, turning a simple idea into a reality for all those digital orphans who are looking for a new home. Personally, I never make proclamations. I make promises, and as I promised all those who have followed me, that Happydemy® would become a reality, and so it happened, I promise all those who are following me, that Happydemy® will become the most loved community in the world.”

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