27 Aug 2020 by Gian Paolo De Santi

Personal Message

First of all, I want to thank you all.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article which was created to give maximum transparency to all those who wish to understand, in greater depth, the extraordinary evolution that this company is bringing to people's lives.

Time is said to be money.

For this reason, we have decided to create a system that pays for people's time.
Content creation costs time and for these creations, time must be rewarded in a meritocratic way.
Furthermore, I would like the reader to understand that this company was born to write an essential piece of the history of this sector that has given us so much but also took so much away from us.
Life can follow many choices. There are those who choose the path of personal selfishness, those who live by altruism and those for meritocratic balance.
We have chosen the third, without prejudice, offering to any entity (individual or company) the possibility of choice. The choice of being able to gain real and active participation in a market that today is giving unprecedented fortunes to a handful of people and companies.
However, where do these fortunes come?
From us.
From ordinary people who have an unaware decision-making power towards a market that has tried in every way to divert this awareness, using the words free, offer, below cost and many others that, those with a minimum knowledge of the sector, know that for free, there is nothing at all.
The ordinary people have let themselves to attract by this world where all of a sudden nothing had to be paid, achieved or deserved.
Today we live in a world in which the foolish demands and the educated resigns.
Where the ignorant person speaks, and the wise man silenced.
Where the poor live as well-off, and the wealthy seem miserable.
Where what marked gangs and convicts today has become a symbol of the new generation.
Without true idols, without real references, for generations that are looking for something right, but without a solid base on which to base their dreams.
We do not claim the right to change the world.
However, we must put it back.

Apertis verbis.
Gian Paolo De Santi

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